Don Willerton grew up in a small town in Texas, surrounded by hundreds of square miles of open country.  It is still a source of his desire to wander.  Various summer jobs included sitting on a horse while cattle grazed on grass alongside the road, working as a grunt in an oil refinery, being a stock boy, and he even sold Christmas trees for a few weeks one winter. 

Most of his energy went into college degrees in physics, computer science and electrical engineering, which landed him a job at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.  He’s been a computer programmer, a manager in computer science, information science, and cyber security, and a cynic of project management.  A lot of his technical writing involved the management of people and projects.

 That gave him the money and vacation time to learn how to build houses, to backpack in the Rocky Mountain high country, to climb mountains, to snowshoe and cross-country ski, to raft the rivers of the Southwest, to support Christian wilderness programs, and to see the excitement in his sons’ eyes as they enjoyed the adventures with him.  He is still given to wandering.

He wishes he was a magician, but he’ll settle for writing mysteries that feature good kids, good families, great places, rich history, and clever plots.