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The Hidden River

A Mogi Franklin Mystery

Book Three

The ancient Pueblo of Acoma sits high atop a stark mesa, separated from the rest of the land by only a single, narrow pathway from the valley floor.  It is a natural fortress.  But it's 1692, and the mesa is no match for the Spanish soldiers on their way to punish the Acoma people.  There is a magical object that can protect them, the villagers believe, but, frightened it might fall into Spanish hands, the elders of the Pueblo hide it somewhere in the middle of the vast lava beds west of the Pueblo.

Four hundred years later, Mogi and his family are vacationing at the lava beds campground.  At a Forest Service lecture, a brash and unsympathetic professor reveals the story of the mysterious object.  It is an object, he believes, that confirms his theory that the Pueblo Indians were murderers and cannibals!

Insulted at the thought, the community reacts with anger and violence.  Blood is spilled.  Old memories are stirred up over the persecutions by the Spanish Conquistadors and the abuse that lasted for centuries. 

Only by finding the object can the truth be revealed.

Mogi, his sister, Jennifer, and their new friends are swept up in a swirl of ancient riddles that speak of a sacred river -- a river that obviously doesn't exist -- and the power of an object that may turn out to be only a myth.   Finally risking it all in a dangerous gamble, Mogi and the others are trapped by the professor in a deep underground cave, a situation where they're one flashlight from death!