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The Secret of La Rosa

A Mogi Franklin Mystery

Book Five

It was Christmas a year ago that Mogi's grandmother died of cancer.  What has lasted is Mogi's resentment that she had to suffer so miserably.  He doesn't understand why it had to be that way.

It's now a year later, and Mogi, his sister, Jennifer, and their cousin, Jeremy, have come to Granddad's house to help clean and decorate before the rest of the family comes.  Taking a break for a short cross-country ski trip, they find themselves caught in a vicious blizzard.  At the point of collapse, they ski into a mysterious valley with an ancient hacienda, a busy Spanish family, and a village that has no electricity, no plumbing, no cars, no telephones, and definitely no Walmart. 

Mogi finds Christmas Eve in the Spanish village deeply moving and he senses a completeness that he has missed during the last year.  But the calm and quiet of the valley is shattered when a religious icon that is the heart of the village, a santos, is stolen on Christmas Day.  

And the villagers believe that Mogi's the thief!

Is this reality or an illusion?  It's a mind-boggling situation full of fear, danger, hidden gold, and secret societies.  All through it, Mogi must understand his difficulties with what his faith tells him.