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The Lake of Fire

A Mogi Franklin Mystery

Book Four

In 1961, a plane carrying two hundred pounds of plutonium -- the critical fuel for making atomic bombs -- suddenly disappears over the New Mexico mountains.  Was it the work of Russian spies?  Or the work of traitors inside the laboratory responsible for developing the bombs?

Fifty years later, Mogi and his sister, Jennifer, are delighted to find themselves in the middle of a hundred thousand acres of meadows, mountains, rivers, and old volcanoes, attending a special high school science conference in New Mexico.  It doesn't take Mogi long to learn of the incident, and that one of the possible traitors in the theft is the father of his favorite teacher at the conference. 

He's soon involved in a complex web of government lies and deceit, an old box full of clues, and the real possibility that the material may still be hidden in the very mountains surrounding the Conference Center.  Can he help discover what really happened?

Still puzzling over the mystery, Mogi joins his group on a backpacking trip to a remote mountain lake.  It's a major mistake, because a minor forest fire suddenly flares up and the whole mountain range and the town are soon in the grips of a raging firestorm.  And Mogi and his friends are right in its path!

Missing plutonium, Russian spies, government lies, terrorist nations, and a firestorm that's getting closer to consuming the trapped teenagers -- if Mogi is going to come up with a way out, he'd better do it fast!