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The Ghosts of the San Juan

A Mogi Franklin Mystery

Book One

In the middle of hundreds of square miles of the barren, slickrock country of Utah, the San Juan River carves a deep, winding canyon on its way to Lake Powell.  This is Mogi's land and the river is one of the delights of living there.  But it's a land of legends and ghosts, and on a high school rafting trip, someone creeps into the camp at night and steals a bag of rocks that Mogi had gathered during the day.

A bag of rocks?  Why would anybody steal a bag of rocks?  It's all tied to an incident in 1934 when four men suddenly vanish while on a secret trip to explore the river.  Making the connection between those men and his rocks puts Mogi directly in the center of diamonds, murder, Navajo witches, and a missing volcano.  

Bad things happen:  a man in a blue parka is seen on the high canyon walls where he can't possibly be; the high school is ransacked; Mogi is attacked and wounded; and a new BLM Ranger is making threats against Mogi and his sister, Jennifer, and their friends.

One more clue and Mogi thinks that he's solved one of the mysteries, but it requires him, Jennifer, and two of their Navajo friends to return down the river to a place that now holds a deadly secret.

It leads them directly into the hands of a man whose evil knows no bounds, and who is comfortable that all of the teenagers must die.  A tale of treachery, of greed, of danger, and of the blackmailing of the Navajo Nation -- Mogi needs all of his wits to battle for the lives of his friends!


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