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The Lost Children

A Mogi Franklin Mystery

Book Two

There's nothing like the cool of the high mountains to make Mogi and Jennifer forget the hot, barren, slickrock country of Bluff, Utah, their hometown.  In Ouray, Colorado, for a visit with their cousin, it's going to be a great week to relax, sleep, and have fun.  But everything doesn't go as planned.

A strange grave in the cemetery is the beginning of the heartfelt tale of three children who, in 1891, are playing at a community picnic, then walk into the forest and are never seen again.  An antique trunk with a hidden bottom, a key to no lock, a diary of one of the children, and an old, abandoned miner's shack built by a crazy man who died a mysterious and horrible death -- these are clues that draw Mogi and his sister, Jennifer, into an surprising emotion-packed adventure. 

And to complicate things, the city of Ouray itself is being threatened by a huge corporation willing to exploit everyone in town to build the largest ski area in the world.  Face to face with a corporation accustomed to getting its way, Mogi and Jennifer struggle to make sense of the puzzle.  

It takes a smoke-belching, steam locomotive, a perilous trip across the high mountains, and a dangerous journey into a hidden mine for Mogi to fit all the pieces together.  But is he in time to save the town?